Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Liveaboard Season Is Upon Us

The Liveaboard season is now in full swing, and some of our team have just come back from a very successful trip from the secluded islands of Koh Prins and Koh Tang. Visibility was at its best (20 to 30 metres) and the calm waters were teaming with life. On the morning dive at Koh Prins, a huge marble ray was found cruising about at 25 metres followed by cobias and plenty of white eyed moray eels hiding in between the rocks. On the second dive at 'Çhicken Island', one of our groups was lucky enough to be approached by three beautiful eagle rays, swooping in for a better look of the divers. Truly top class diving. The Dive Shop offers 1 and 2 night trips to Koh Tang and Koh Prins. The two night trip includes 8 dives (with 2 night dives) around almost undived sites off the two islands, whilst our 1 night trip includes 4 dives (with 1 night dive) around Koh Tang. What to bring?? All food and soft drinks are included in the price, so a towel and most definitely a camera will come in handy. For a full calendar of our liveaboard trips, please email us at ....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Recommended by

We have been awarded by with an certificate of excellence! Thanks a lot to all those people who helped us to get that good rating by writing reviews about us. By now we are even better, we are having a rating of 4.5 at the moment!!!