Sunday, October 25, 2015

Congratulations Juan

Congratulations to Juan who passed his PADI Open Water and Advanced ‪‎scuba‬ certification with Pete!

Welcome to our new Dive Instructors

Welcome to the team Pete! "I'm a fair dinkum Australian from Cairns on the magnificent Great Barrier Reef. I am unable to narrow down the reason I have such a passion for diving but I think it's a combination of the creature you can encounter, the feeling of flying weightless through the water along with outdoor lifestyle that diving offers. I've been diving since the 90's and still can't wait to get in the water so the saying "Find a Job you enjoy and you will never work a day in your life" is totally true in my case." Pete did his first dive certification in 1992 on the Great Barrier Reef island called Fitzroy island. He worked as a mechanical engineer for many years but eventually the draw of the sea led him to become a dive instructor and travel the world ending up in tropical waters of Cambodia.

Welcome our new instructors here at the DiveShop

"My name is Mikhail and I really like to be outdoors. I love teaching people from other countries, give them all of my experience that I have made during my diving career. I was born in Sibyria close to the famous lake Baikal. Traveling and learning some new things has became my hobby. Koh Rong Sanloen island is a beautiful place with its beautiful gardens and under water environment and its beautiful creatures." My first open water and advanced open water experience was in Egypt and after ten years I realized that I want to become a professional diver with my own dive career and experience. That happened when I first time came to Vietnam, to Phu Quoc island. Thats also where I have done my Dive Master Training and Instructor Development Course.

Congratulations Bard..

Congratulations to Bard who has passed his PADI‬ Open Water Diver course with instructor Mikhael.