Monday, January 21, 2013

Molika's wedding

The whole Dive Shop team would like to say well done to Molika who has become married yesterday evening! It was a good fun wedding with plenty of tasty local food, beer and a great DJ not only planing Karaoke but also a few 'normal' songs for us few westerners!
Especially our Divemaster trainee nano enjoyed the company of sooo many beautiful ladies around him! :)
Congratulations again!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shark Stanley

Shark Stanley and his friends
were playing on the reef
When down came a net that
swept them away.
But at last when they escaped,
they saw to their grief,
Their home had no sharks!
Leaving it barren and grey.

Now Stan and his buddies are
searching the ocean
From Canada to Cyprus and
Colombia to Cambodia
For friends to stand up and
cause a commotion
Because the world needs
sharks to help save the seas!
If you would like to help Stanley with this mission, you can print this picture of him, cut it out, and take a photo with him anywhere you wish. Then please send the photo along with your name and nationality to . Stanley's supporters are compiling your photosfrom around the world to share on their blog and web pages, and sending them to governments voting at CITES to get their support! Help us to reach the goal of collecting at least 5000 photos from all 176 CITES countrys. You can download the Stanley graphic here: