Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Congratulations Kanha and Sambath!

The Dive Team wish all the best for Kanha and Sambath in their happy marriage. Kanha has been part of the dive shop family  for two and a half years, working from the shop in Sihanoukville.  Everyone attended the celebrations on the 8th November and Kanha looked stunning in all of her 10 wedding dresses throughout the day. The two day wedding starts with the couple and family praying with monks, followed by the second day where guests bring food to the brides house, queueing in a long procession. Money is traditionally given as a present to the happy couple and in the evening the party begins with good food, plenty of drink and great company.

The Dive Shop Team and family pictured with the happy couple.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Instructor for the team!

Another warm welcome to a new member of our ever expanding team, Rachel, from the Isle of Wight in England. Rachel has come from diving in Tenerife to our Paradise Island Koh Rong.

'I have not been here long but the team are so welcoming and the diving is exceptional. I am getting ready for looking forward to a busy season this year on the beautiful island of Koh Rong.'

A new teacher for the children of Koh Rong

As a National Geographic PADI Dive Centre, we strive to improve the lives of the local community at Koh Rong island by running programs such as healthcare initiatives.


Our latest project has been to supply English education to the children of Koh Rong. The Dive Team welcomes Katy, our new teacher on the Island. Katy takes classes on the pier every day for up to an hour with the local children which has proved very successful. The children have taken a real liking to their new teacher, always eager for their afternoon lessons! 

Here is Katy (middle) with Dive Shop Instructors Damion and Rachel.

Welcome to Shai, our new Divemaster Intern

A very warm welcome from The Dive Shop to Shai, our Divemaster Intern from Israel. Shai joined us as an Open Water Diver and has succesfully progressed with us through his Advanced Course and Rescue Diver Course and is now working towards his Divemasters.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We did a very nice liveaboard trip to the islands Koh Tang and Koh Prins together with the cambodian orphans organisation Action Cambodia.

We reached a new record of guests on our overnight trips. We were with 9 cambodian orphans, 4 adults and 5 diveshop staff members on the boat. 18 people on the boat might sound a bit full but we have had a very good fun time.

As we were lucky, we had brilliant weather conditions on our trip. On some of the dives we found more than 30m of visibility and beautiful marine life.

Thank you wonderful people for that exciting trip! We are already looking forward to next years trip

Another warm welcome to The Dive Shop Team

Elliot, a marine engineer has joined our team to upgrade, tune and pimp up all our boats and machines. Apart from his overwhelming skills he is a passionate diver and certified divegear technician

"What I like in Cambodia is the attitude of the people. No matter where you look its beauty everywhere - the people, the islands and the diving."

Welcome to the Dive Shop team

We have another new Instructor who has joined our team! Its Damion from South Africa who has worked in Vietnam before. He is speaking English and Afrikaans. Damion is very experienced diver who did around 1000 dives as well as 100 certifications. Welcome to the team!

Weird and wonderful things to see in Cambodian waters...

Diving in Cambodia is somehow special! There are not many people diving here and the country gives us dives a great opportunity to see things you would not find in other parts of the world says Dennis Funke, the General Manager of the divecenter.

"I have had two really exciting experiences in the last couple of weeks diving here. On one of our liveaboard trips we had a vietnamese commercial diving boat passing by when we did our surface interval. I saw the compressor running on the boat as well as the hose going down. On the first try I did not manage to gear up fast enough to meet the diver underwater. Luckily they came back and I had the opportunity to meet the diver at a depth of 23m!!!"

"When I have been at Koh Rong island last week there was a lady from the local fishing village with her water buffalo walking by at the beach and I asked her if I can take some pictures in the shallow water off the beach. This was a very weird feeling to dive next to that huge animal!"

A new star at Divemaster heaven

Congratulations to Andreas who after years of fun diving finally stepped now into the PADI professional level as a divemaster. The team of the Diveshop Cambodia wishes him lots of success in his professional career and is looking forward to meet him in one of our next PADI Instructor Developement Courses. Here is Andi while doing his final test - the snorkel test!

Congratulations to Nelly who has passed her Divemaster training!

Congratulations Nelly,

we are very proud to have one more Divemaster working in our team.

You can see the spirit of cambodian diving in Nellys eyes when surfacing. She did more than 100 dives with us and gained confidence in spotting the small things like seahorses on one of our muckdives as well as exploring the outer islands.

Thank you for always having a smile for our team members, in the office as well as on the island.

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