Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Giorgio is back with The Dive Shop

Giorgio, our Italian instructor, who has been doing his PADI Divemaster training with us in 2009 and has been working for us during last years high season as well, is back in Cambodia to help us teach our students again!

He has been working in the Rising Sun dive center in Zanzibar during the last 9 months but has luckily decided to join the awesome Dive Shop Cambodia team in Sihanoukville for the third time.

Giorgio is planing to spend at least the high season with us, of course we are crossing fingers to have him here for ten more years at least! :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Welcome Back Monkies!!!

We'd like to give a big shout out to our neighbors at the world famous Monkey Republic, who's home also burnt down in the fire earlier this year it's nice to see your back up and running. 

Whilst visiting Sihanoukville please pop in and have a drink, food or stay at this amazing backpacker haunt.

Their launch is on the 26th of October it should be a fantastic night!

You will of course find The Dive Shop team enthusiastically helping them celebrate!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Exploration Trip to the Depond Reef

We are proud to announce that we have sucessfully run the first dive expedition to explore the Depond Reef, a small pinnacle near the outermost Cambodian island, Koh Pulau Weh, almost 100 km off Sihanoukville.

The trip was the last liveaboard trip before the vessel is rebuilt and upgraded for the upcoming high season. We have been very lucky with the weather conditions during the last couple of days and the trip was very pleasant.

The pinnacle is marked in every proper sea chart but during the last two years we did not find time, the weather was too rough or we have just been too busy diving to investigate it!

Caio, who has signed in for the PADI Drift Diver Specialty course, had the honor of joining the trip with the base leader Aaron and the owner Dennis.

Research on the internet before the trip did not give us very much information about the dive site or if anybody ever tried to scuba dive at the Depond Reef.

Yesterday evening we have had a blast of a celebration when the boys came back from the last dives around Koh Tang and a short visit at the Sunset Beach to have a quick drink at the Robinson Bungalows.

... the boys looking out for the pinnacle, it's just visible at low tide...

 ... yes, there it is - the Depond Reef ...

... we spotted some very interesting creatures during our dives ...

 ... a Giant Puffer Fish ...

 ... and some Cobias during our last dives at Koh Tang where we were anchoring over night...

We are very pleased with this trip as it is the culmination of many years spent exploring the Cambodian waters, where we have investigated from Koh Kong, near the Thai boarder to Ream National Park, near the Vietnamese boarder. With our local knowledge, our fantastic fleet and our experienced adventurers we are the best qualified Dive Center to successfully explore this region.

We are planning another special Liveaboard trip on the 1st of December, to explore some more interesting coordinates..... Why not join us and our team of experts.......

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Certificate of Excellence Awarded to Javier

We are proud of Javier, one of our long-time instructors from Spain, earned another Certificate of Recognition for Excellence whilst teaching for The Dive Shop!

"... I recently completed my open water course with The Dive Shop in Sihanoukville Cambodia. My instructor's name was Javi, registration number 259945. Javi was a consummate professional who made me feel at ease and very safe at all times. His acumen for teaching was remarkable and deserves recognition. It is rare that, in any profession, you have a pleasure of learning from such a skilled person who not only knows their material exceptionally well, but who is also capable of sharing that knowledge in such an accessible manner. Add to this an open, caring and friendly personalityand you get a perfect first diving experience, as I did."

Also thanks to Tiffany for your positive feedback about your PADI Open Water Diver course.