Friday, February 14, 2014

Island Species Database Cambodia

Since a long time friends of our are working on classifying terrestrial species found on the Cambodian islands. Especially Gil who is running trekking tours on our former island Koh Rong has made an enormous amount of pictures.

During the Khmer rouge times much of Cambodian national heritage, particularly in the fields of science and technical knowledge. So far little effort has been taken to classiefy animals and plants in Cambodia.

We are not-professionals but living for years on and around the Cambodian coastal area and of course we have been interested in finding out more about our surroundings.

After a rather fruitless period of research, we realized that there is little in the way of reasonably documented wildlife. Well, as we are in a favorable position…..with good knowledge of the terrain…we should be able to create a general survey.

So we just started to record the wildlife on the islands of the “Sihanoukville Group”. Definition and archiving is going to take place on this site. Anything we do here is essentially standalone – pioneer work.  Certainly some support could help to speed things up – on the other hand we are free to follow our vision.
This is, where YOU come in – if you wish. In order to determine, verify and categorize species, have ideas… we are grateful for help and advice of – anyone, who wishes to get involved.

This message also goes out to all our guests, it would be much appreciated if you could send any pictures taken of plants and animals to or directly visit

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